🐺Product Overview

A Rewarded Ads Protocol

  • Everyworld is a rewarded ads protocol operating in Discord and in a Proprietary App.

  • Featuring nascent digital content, personalities, and technological applications.

  • New products, especially those within the virtual world and gaming space require creative user acquisition strategies to help build an initial user base.

Incentivizing Engagement

  • Consumers expect to be rewarded for engaging in content through social platforms.

  • One of blockchains’ greatest achievements has been in aligning the interests of various participants through transparency and ownership.

  • $EVERY is the native cryptocurrency of Everyworld.

  • Regularly-scheduled, on-chain jackpots for participants in Everyworld incentivize user engagement through $EVERY payouts.

  • A decentralized ecosystem can develop to support and operate Everyworld.

Public Good

  • Younger generations consider saving the planet to be the most important issue of our time.

  • The health of the planet is one of the most pressing and significant challenges of our time, critical not only for protecting the natural world, but also for ensuring a sustainable future for all species, including humans.

  • A significant portion of each payout is donated to verified organizations focused on saving the planet.

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