🌳Referral Tree

Users can receive a unique referral code in Discord or the Everyworld App and will earn Seeds for each referral that joins Everyworld. Each new friend will also earn Seeds for joining with a referral code. In addition, users can earn bonus seeds from their Referral Tree when referrals refer their friends to Everyworld, which creates a Referral Tree. When a user’s referrals receive Seeds from referring new users, the initial referrer will receive 20% of the Seeds that the underneath referrer earns. This referral tree can continue in perpetuity where an initial referrer can benefit from a user who joined many levels down through the Referral Tree.

When a user who has joined via a referral wins a Jackpot, the users above the winning user in a Referral Tree will also participate in the winnings based on the 20% bonus.

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