๐ŸชบEVERY Ecosystem

$EVERY Token may also power a rewards program ecosystem that aggregates and bridges the rewards from a mix of platforms, games, and applications. This is a solution for rewards programs which leverages the potential of blockchain technology.

A person interacting with multiple applications throughout the day will likely receive dozens of different rewards for their engagement, each of which are stuck within a specific application, with no ability to transfer or utilize those rewards outside of that application. The $EVERY ecosystem creates a universal, digital rewards system allowing both applications (rewards providers) and consumers to benefit from scale and participation.

The EVERY Rewards Ecosystem

The Every Rewards Ecosystem ("ERE") is a nascent network of global technology developers participating in a supplemental rewards platform that redefines the online rewards experience and unlocks a powerful set of capabilities for consumers and ecosystem participants alike. Ecosystem participants, primarily developers of video games and other consumer applications, will benefit by participating in the ERE by increasing the benefits and flexibility of the rewards offered to users within their applications. These participants may achieve all of the value propositions of a blockchain-based rewards program without impairing the user experience of the application or alienating users who have limited interest in virtual currency.


Ideally, the participants in the ecosystem include applications that operate in the digital world which include social video games, social media applications, and e-commerce companies. However, participants are not limited to digital brandsโ€”companies that operate physical locations or brick and mortar stores that have online, digital rewards programs are also viable members.

Given the noise and saturation in the market, it is becoming increasingly challenging to ensure that products are easily discoverable. The ERE ecosystem also serves as a user acquisition tool where an application may benefit from users learning of another applicationโ€™s existence through the ERE, or be more interested in knowing that they can convert rewards from one application and use them in another. Todayโ€™s consumers value flexibility, optionality and ease of use, which are among the tenets and values driving the ERE.

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