🐦Business Model

Initially, the content displayed on Everyworld will be curated, but as the decentralization aspects of the protocol evolve, creators, companies, and other users will be able to upload their own content in the same way that is typical on other social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Twitter. This will expand the amount and breadth of content on Everyworld. Users may also be able to elect specific subjects of interest so that the content they are delivered matches their personal preferences.

As the user base of Everyworld expands, companies and creators may want to use Everyworld as a marketing tool, either for user acquisition or general brand awareness. Similar to other platforms that host user-generated content (“UGC”), companies and creators will be able to pay to increase the visibility of a specific piece of content such as a post or an advertisement to a wider audience. This service will allow companies and creators to specify and manage their marketing strategy with the following tools:

  • Selecting Content

  • Defining Audience

  • Setting Budget and Duration

The Everyworld algorithm then promotes the content to a larger audience based on the criteria specified. This can involve showing the content in users' feeds, as sponsored posts or advertisements. Throughout the duration of a marketing campaign, companies and creators can monitor the performance of promoted content with insights such as reach, engagement, and other relevant metrics.

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