The pool of $EVERY that is allocated to each Jackpot is equal to the number of Tickets in each pool. Payouts will be paid out as follows:

  • 40-45% to the individual Jackpot winner

  • 40-45% to be donated to environmental conservation organizations

  • 0-10% to any users above the winning user in a Referral Tree*

  • 10% to be burned

* If less than 10% of the Payout is earned through the referral tree, the remainder is split equally between the Jackpot winner and the conservation organization. If the winner does not have anyone above them in a Referral Tree, the winner and the conservation organization will each receive 45% of the Payout.

Winners of Jackpots will be required to adhere to the applicable terms and conditions including know your customer (“KYC”) rules and restrictions. Winners will receive $EVERY tokens based on a 3 year vesting period where tokens are unlocked on a monthly basis with the initial unlock upon delivery of the payouts.

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