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Integrating blockchains into video games and gaming applications has posed challenges including cumbersome integrations, impaired performance, subpar user experience, and additional expense. Rather than saddling gaming projects with blockchains inside video games, more value can be extracted from blockchains by leveraging the technology to bring users to video games.

User acquisition for new video games can be a challenging process for several reasons, and success often depends on a combination of factors. Video game discovery, particularly for indie games, is concentrated in the hands of a few platforms who act as capricious gatekeepers and largely control the success or failure of games based on opaque and seemingly arbitrary criteria. In 2022, revenue from the video game industry was an estimated $347 billion, larger than both Hollywood and the music industries combined. However, the fate of most games is controlled by a few of the biggest platforms, specifically Steam, Meta, Google, and Amazonβ€”stacking the odds against game developers, artists, and creators who are up against these behemoth corporate networks. Blockchains can empower and enrich video game developers and their audiences over corporate interests.

A few of the common challenges that Everyworld can assist with include:

  • Discoverability: With a multitude of games available on digital distribution platforms, app stores, and other channels, getting noticed by potential players is a considerable challenge. New games may struggle to gain visibility without effective marketing strategies.

  • Community Building: Establishing and nurturing a community around a game can be challenging for new releases. Successful games often have active communities that contribute to word-of-mouth promotion, but building this community from scratch requires time and effort.

  • Lack of Initial Reviews and Ratings: Users often rely on reviews and ratings to make decisions about trying a new game. New releases may struggle with a lack of initial reviews, making it challenging to build trust and credibility among potential players.

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