🫎A New Economic Model

A New Economic Model to Incentivize User Engagement

The Everyworld model outlines a dual-incentive mechanism within an ecosystem that marries charitable giving with personal gain, creating a synergistic relationship between individual actions and collective goals. The two-fold motivational framework functions as follows:

  • Personal Gain Incentive: Parallel to the altruistic motive is the allure of a potential financial reward. The chance of receiving a significant payout through participation in the Drawings (as subsequently defined) adds an element of personal benefit that can attract a wider audience to the ecosystem. It also serves as a practical incentive, ensuring that individuals are rewarded for their contributions in a more immediate and personal way.

  • Charitable Incentive: Individuals are drawn to the ecosystem by the opportunity to contribute to a greater good. The prospect of their engagement leading to substantial donations to organizations committed to saving the planet also provides a sense of purpose and fulfillment that not only taps into the innate human desire to make a positive impact on the world, but also fosters a community spirit that is united by a common cause. The transparent tracking of contributions to these organizations can further reinforce the participants' commitment by providing tangible evidence of the ecosystem's positive externalities.

These incentives work in harmony to ensure that individuals are not only driven by self-interest but are also aligned with the community's broader goal of supporting the planet. By valuing and holding the token, rather than engaging in short-term profit-taking (often referred to as "dumping"), participants contribute to the stability and growth of the token’s value. This, in turn, reinforces the ecosystem's capacity to make meaningful donations, creating a virtuous cycle that benefits both individual participants and the wider environmental cause. The two facets of this dual-incentive model are in complete alignment.

Such an ecosystem is predicated on the belief that individual self-interest can be harnessed for collective good, leveraging the principles of decentralized finance (DeFi) and tokenomics to drive both individual and collective progress. The emphasis on the planet as the focal point of the ecosystem's philanthropic efforts ensures that participation has a clear and impactful social objective, aligning personal incentives with the urgent need for environmental stewardship.

Everyworld seeks to expand upon the community-building attributes of cryptocurrencies to develop and grow a social discovery protocol that can promote and help finance global organizations focused on preserving the natural world.

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